Letter: Volunteers sought for energy commission and cable council

To the Editors:
The Wilton Democratic Nominating Committee would like to hear from any Wilton resident who is a Democrat or independent, and who is interested in serving on the Wilton Energy Council or as one of Wilton’s representatives to the Area Nine Cable Council.
The bylaws of the Democratic Town Committee provide that its nominating committee, of which I am the chair, shall advertise for individuals interested in being nominated for appointed or elected office. Under current procedures, adopted by the Board of Selectmen, members of the Democratic party must apply for appointed positions in town government through our committee, members of the Republican party must apply for appointed positions through the Republican Town Committee, and unaffiliated voters may apply through either party or by direct petition to the Board of Selectmen.
The Wilton Democrats have a history of service and dedication. Our goal is to keep the Town of Wilton among the premier towns in Connecticut. We are interested in sourcing motivated and highly qualified individuals to serve our community. We welcome inquiries and expressions of interest from Democrats and unaffiliated voters.
If you would like to apply for these positions or learn more about the nominating process, please let me know. My contact information is listed below.
I can be reached at rosstartelltownofwilton@gmail.com.
Wilton’s greatest strength is in its volunteers. Please consider serving our town.
Ross Tartell
Chairman, Democratic Nominating Committee
Wilton, Sept. 20