Letter: Veterans' tax credit is of little use

To the Editors:

Most people appreciate our veterans for the personal sacrifices they have made, and are making, to keep our country free. On Memorial Day we honored those who died doing so. Now we learn that the Veterans Administration has been cheating our veterans of the medical services they deserve. It’s despicable what a fat government bureaucracy will do if they think they can get away with it.

We have another fat bureaucracy here in Connecticut. The state boasts that it grants veterans a tax exemption of $3,000. Sounds good, sounds like the state appreciates its veterans. Think again. The “tax exemption” applies to the appraised value of a house, not the tax bill. Here in Wilton the average home value is $572,000. The exemption would reduce the appraised value to $569,000 for tax purposes. At the current mill rate the veteran would get a tax bill of $14,865.

So Connecticut veterans, here is to you: you get a parade in November and a $78 tax credit. Thanks for your effort.

Can the federal government do anything to help? Yes. Can the state government do anything to help? Yes. Can the town government do anything to help? Yes. Can we do anything to help? Yes! This is America and we have politicians who are supposed to represent us. We are free to elect those who do.

Faye Stilley

Serendipity Lane, June 2