Letter: Upgrades at Comstock are sorely needed

To the Editors:

The new budget has been submitted and I am writing to urge the good people of Wilton to vote Yes to the new improvements proposed for Comstock Community Center in this budget.

The former school is presently used by different groups, including the senior center, where many ladies and gentlemen, longtime Wiltonians, spend a good deal of time. There are many diverse activities where seniors gather. The facility has had a facelift in recent years, but is in need of some major improvements, most importantly a new heating and air-conditioning system. The system operates randomly; sometimes with no heat and at times far too hot. The volunteers in the food pantry often have to bundle up to ward off the chill. And at times some exercise classes have the hot air blowing down from above at a great rate. This needs to be fixed.

An obvious addition would be to have a bathroom on the lower level. At present the food pantry workers and participants as well as members of classes have to gallop up a long flight of stairs to reach the main floor restrooms.

The budget will be voted upon at the May Town Meeting. I urge all residents to vote Yes to the budget.

Ann McDonald

Lynlee Lane, March 15