Letter: Turf discussion ignores zoning rules

To the Editors:
Monday night’s Planning and Zoning deliberation session for the Middlebrook lights and turf generated lots of different views except from Chairman [Chris] Hulse, who tried to steamroll the commission into finding a way to approve the application for the turf and lights. He gave no indication he would let the written-in-stone P&Z regulations stand in the way of his carrying the ball into the end zone.
He suggested a startling solution: split the application in two — one part would approve the turf and the other would in part approve “temporary” lights.
His game plan as it relates to the turf ignored one insurmountable obstacle: the record is void of any evidence which shows that the applicant has the necessary legal interest in the Middlebrook field. It is owned by the Town of Wilton — not by the applicant. The requirement is as critical as it is sensible. I cannot seek a special permit to install turf or lights on my neighbor’s property. No rocket science needed for that one.
At another point the chairman with a tinge of mockery in his voice explained to a fellow commissioner that temporary lights were lights powered by a generator that could be rolled off the field. He did not bother to advise the commissioner that the temporary lights in use until recently violated the town’s regulations to such a degree that the town planner Mr. Nerney directed that they no longer be used because they violated those regulations. News flash: placing illegal lights on wheels does not transform them into law-abiding lights.
No final decision was reached.
Anthony F. LoFrisco
Wilton, Sept. 29