Letter: Trump’s one year anniversary

To the Editors:

Here are some suggestions for our President as he begins his second year in office.

Our President…


Inspire not conspire

Articulate not nauseate

Harmonize not polarize

Retire not “fire”

Elevate not disintegrate.

Should have:

Humility not hostility

Grace not disgrace

Humility not audacity

Moral compass not lifestyle excess

Integrity not celebrity.

Should be:

Graceful with poise, not clumsy all noise

Intelligent not belligerent

Elegant not arrogant

Fair not dare

Great not denigrate

Curious not dubious

Dignified not certified

Respected not detested

Subdued not crude and rude

Courageous not outrageous

Inspirational not confrontational

Compassionate not dispassionate

Humble not stumble or fumble

Constructive not vindictive

Intelligent not arrogant

Graceful not boastful

Careful not vengeful

Moral not amoral

Intelligent and articulate not mad and sad

Magnificent not belligerent

Comforting not threatening

Ingratiating not humiliating

Charming and calming not alarming

Magnanimous not self-amorous

Positive not negative

Pleasing not teasing

Heartfelt not black belt

Constructive not divisive

Inspiring not aggravating

Humane not insane

Informed not deformed

Floating not gloating

Loquacious not fallacious

Gracious not audacious

A goodie not a bully

Coherent not tyrannic

Caring not self-serving

Inspirational not conspiratorial

Consensus-building without bullying

Soothing not booming

Beautiful not delusional

Square not scare.

Michael Wolfman and Friends

Wicks End Lane, Jan. 30