Letter: Tree Committee commended for ‘fine work’

To the Editors:

To Kate Throckmorton, chair, and the other members of the Wilton Tree Committee:

The Wilton Energy Commission would like to commend the Wilton Tree Committee and its fine work over the past several years. Our Energy Commission members are only a few of the thousands of people who have seen Wilton Center evolve into a far more beautiful place since your committee was formed in 2008. Along with the recent infrastructure upgrades of sidewalks and crosswalks, etc., the pleasing visual appeal and ambiance of our Town Center are due in large part to the tree specimens that you have carefully selected, planted and cared for in our public spaces.

This spring, many of the new flowering trees were in full bloom, and it’s clear that the young shade trees are thriving — carbon sequestration at its best!

We know that it’s not easy to get new trees well-established, and so we also send our appreciation to any DPW staff who have done their part to keep the trees watered.  Thanks also go to the environmental affairs personnel for their logistical support of the tree donations program and other aspects of your work.

The expertise represented by the individuals serving on the Tree Committee is reflected in the lasting enhancements being created by a well-orchestrated group of participants.  Kudos to all.
Debra Thompson-Van and Richard Creeth
Co-chairs, Wilton Energy Commission
Wilton, Aug. 29