Letter: Town will pay for this ‘fiasco’

To the Editors:
The failure of the Board of Selectmen to take action on the Miller-Driscoll capital bonding fiasco leaves us in worse shape. Why? Simply because:
1. They have told us it is OK to circumvent laws leading up to the vote. What confidence can we possibly have going forward? The “Rule of Law” was willfully trampled.
2. They disenfranchised 700 petitioners who did not vote because of the engineered, poorly advertised, off-cycle vote. I helped collect signatures and frequently heard “we did not know there was a vote, we were away on vacation.”
3. They decided there is no remedy for their illegal activities leading up to the vote. The SEEC acknowledges laws may have been violated. These are not “ minor infractions.”
4. They failed to obtain a legal opinion from independent counsel.
5. They claim they can’t “pick and choose” which Charter provisions to uphold but certainly did “pick and choose” which laws, policies, practices and standards to ignore.
6. They facetiously claim “citizens must be from Mars” but fail to accept voter sentiment against the project that board members “unanimously approved.” How out of touch is that?!
7. Overspending on Miller-Driscoll will adversely affect other projects.
8. No wonder the New York Times recently criticized our higher taxes relative to neighboring towns with comparable schools and better amenities.
Another sloppy, poorly managed project from Town Hall.
Ed Papp
28 Walnut Place, Feb. 24