Letter: Town survey is skewed unfairly

To the Editors:

Here we go again with another town survey or Mr. Creeth's self titled “Swan Song Survey.” Wilton taxpayers are experiencing hardships with declining home values while the cost of doing business with a school system with declining enrollment continues curiously upward. We also have to deal with state and local tax deduction restriction of $10,000.

The six-member finance board subcommittee, of which Mr. Creeth espouses, is made up of a Board of Education member, the spouse of a Board of Education member, a Board of Selectmen member who advocated the highly questionable Miller-Driscoll project, and Mr. Creeth who along with Mr. Kalamarides on the finance board are known school spendthrifts.

What is also questionable is that Mr. Creeth had Dr. Kevin Smith immediately contact all the school system parents advising them to fill out the survey. This reminds one of when the school system illegally stuffed the backpacks of children (among other highly questionable acts) with VOTE YES for the Miller-Driscoll Turner renovation. Did Mr. Creeth also directly inform other taxpaying members of the public such as seniors, empty nesters, private school parents, and other non-school parents? The answer is no.  There were periodic media mentions that all should participate only.

This survey is rife with selection bias and the results should be considered invalid.  Wilton's school system's perennial expansive cost requirements have caused enough pain for the taxpayer.
Kevin Hickey
Wilton, Nov. 26