Letter: Town should listen to the 49%

To the Editors:

Fiscally conservative voters are obviously disappointed with the results of the Miller-Driscoll vote. I wish we had been able to reach out and persuade 14 voters to change their minds based on the information we collected. But I guess it’s always easier to vote to spend the other guy’s money.

I would expect town officials to scale back the extent of the expenditure to more reasonable levels as a way of acknowledging the concerns of 49% of the voters. I would also hope they seriously consider these all-too-close results when they begin preparing the budget and that they honor their promise to not embark on large capital plans until the M-D teardown-rebuild is complete.

Clearly, this is one of the closest votes in town history despite the unanimous BOE, BOS, BOF, and BC vote. Let’s hope they get back in touch with nearly half the voters.

I also urge the town to sell naming rights to new classrooms, cafeterias, etc., to help defray costs. This would be a great opportunity for advocates to demonstrate their commitment outside the polling booth.

I am of course delighted we had such a large turnout in an off-cycle referendum, and I thank all those citizens who worked hard to collect and distribute opposing information since the first public presentation at the library a few weeks ago, and especially to those voters who studied the issue. I also want to remind those who did not vote to get involved — you can help make a difference to scale back the size, scope and waste of government in Wilton, Hartford and D.C.

We will be better prepared to lobby for fiscal conservatism next time.

Ed Papp

28 Walnut Place