Letter: Town’s ethics code needs an upgrade

To the Editors:

First Selectman William Brennan made very misleading statements in effecting the installation of Yankee Gas as his pet agenda. Multiple media statements such as “500,000.00 per year in cost savings were carefully calculated by the Town’s Energy Commission” were simply not true. When questioned, Mr. Hampson (energy chairman) stated that they did not do the calculations.

When examining the town’s ethics code, unless one can prove a personal interest or gift violation, Mr. Brennan can basically state anything he wants to effect his agenda even if it is not based in fact. The Miller-Driscoll renovation comes to mind where there was no documented white paper detailing the breakdown of what Wilton taxpayers are getting for a tax increase of over $700.00 per family. Add to that fact that building commission members were lax in ethics pledging.

Basically, without an improvement in the town’s ethics code as it relates to misleading or false statements, we are sitting ducks to the protagonists who can say whatever they want with no basis or documented facts. In normal business codes of ethics, you can be terminated for providing false information and I propose a change in Wilton’s Code of Ethics to protect the public. Under key provisions, please add (g). “A public official cannot make false or misleading statements in order to effect one’s personal agenda.”

Kevin Hickey

Black Alder Lane, Nov. 10