Letter: Town officials should resign

To the Editors:
(The following letter to First Selectman Bill Brennan is reprinted here at the author’s request.)
The dog-and-pony show on Tuesday [Feb. 17] was a farce, exactly as to be expected.
The fact is, the illegal voter manipulation before the vote is not an unimportant oversight, as you and others tried to make believe. It was simply fraudulent, given $50 million of tax payers’ money is at stake.
As such, the vote should have been declared invalid.
What you, the town employees as well as the volunteers involved with the voter manipulation did here, is unethical and despicable.
You and those people should resign immediately as Wilton does not need this kind of little emperors ruling their kingdom of Wilton as they feel!
Detlef R. Fuhrmann
15-year Wilton resident
Mountain Road, Feb. 20