Letter: Tom Fujitani will always be remembered

To the Editors:

"Oh Captain, My Captain...."

My Coach Fujitani....  You were ever present, from day one, for me at Wilton High School. When I realized my gym teacher was going to be one of my hockey coaches, I was psyched. You were tough, but fair, and funny as hell. We all knew you cared about us, no matter what. You pushed us to work harder, and were always willing to laugh with us when things didn't go right.

My senior year, back in 1987, we didn't win so many games on the ice, but you always kept  it in perspective. I am so glad you had much better luck on the football field! You are sorely missed by so many, spanning so many decades.

God bless Tom Fujitani. Never forgotten.
Ted Hoffstatter
Deer Run Road, April 3