Letter: Tolls would be a win for Connecticut

To the Editors:

Highway tolls are a great source of revenue and a terrific way to reduce taxes for Connecticut residents! Every surrounding state has highway tolls — whether I’m driving to New York or merely passing through I pay a toll to use those highways. However, the same is not true for residents of New York or New Jersey or Massachusetts when they drive for free over our highways. As a result, we pay so they may ride for free.

However, “chip technology” may be used to raise new revenue without impacting or only minimally impacting Connecticut drivers. New technology embedded in the E-Z Pass-type device will allow Connecticut drivers to receive a reduced rate from the full fare or perhaps, no fare at all. At the same time, every non-Connecticut driver will be charged the full fare for using our highways, which will provide millions and millions and millions in new revenue!

That new revenue may be used to reduce and possibly eliminate the current state income tax. As for the issue that collecting tolls ties up traffic and is dangerous, again, “chip technology” eliminates the need for toll booths as vehicles pass under the overhead readers and cameras without having to stop or even reduce speed. I firmly believe that by taking advantage of current technology Connecticut can increase revenue and reduce taxes!
Franey M. Donovan, Jr.
Wilton, Sept. 7