Letter: Tolls are the way to raise money for CT

To the Editors:
There is no dispute about the state of the infrastructure in Connecticut. Our roads and bridges pose serious safety issues that deter businesses and families from moving here. Three hundred-plus bridges are deemed deficient.
Using electronic tolls to raise the money we need for our infrastructure problems makes the most sense because 40 percent of the cost will come from out-of-state drivers and the systems are flexible. Today there is the technology to provide discounts for CT EZ pass users, commuters, other frequent users and low-income residents. The alternative Prioritize Debt plan using 30-year bonds would saddle residents with repaying that debt — letting out-of-state drivers off the hook — and not providing a sustainable source of revenue. And the revenue raised will be protected by the constitutional lockbox and federal law.
Forty-two states have tolls on their roads. To visit family members I often drive to Boston and Washington D.C., paying tolls in five states — Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.
Tell your legislators to support Gov. Lamont’s bill and vote “Yes” for this sensible solution and make the right decision for Connecticut and the future of our state.
Lois Block
Wilton, May 18