Letter: Tolerance proclamation presents a fundamental set of values

To the Editors:

It is my firm belief that Wilton High School students stand in strong support of the tolerance proclamation presented to the Board of Selectmen. Students still feel the friction generated by the election; to formally acknowledge the nonpartisan core beliefs of our community would serve as a symbolic, meaningful gesture towards restoring basic civility and a sense of ease to an apprehensive student body.

The proclamation’s language doesn’t reflect ideology or political persuasion; it presents a fundamental set of values. The Wilton school system that I have grown up in fosters respect, civility, and diversity from Miller-Driscoll on up; while grade, school building, and education levels may change, basic ideas like the Golden Rule possess a transcendent permanency.

The passage of the tolerance proclamation will simply hold our town officials to the same standard to which we have always held our students. For this reason, I believe my comments adequately represent the support that many of my peers have for the passage of the proclamation. I hope that our town officials will recognize that nonpartisan ideas like civility and tolerance are in Wilton’s DNA, and to formally recognize this reality will do much to address unease and affirm the spirit of the Wilton Warriors.

Cameron Berg

WHS Class of 2018

Wilton, Feb. 7