Letter: To save the Schlichting house, we must put our money where our mouth is

To the Editors:

I firmly support the preservation of the Schlichting house. Its loss will create another hole in the fabric which is Wilton. But we must be mindful of the owner’s rights as well. Think about it: Why should a real estate investor make a financial sacrifice in circumstances where the inhabitants of the town have not raised funds sufficient to retain such a significant piece of our history?

I therefore propose the immediate creation of a Save the Schlichting House Fund to be used in the first instance to purchase the property from the current owner at a price that assures that he will realize a reasonable return on his investment. I am willing to start that fund with an up-front donation of $2,500. If enough interest is expressed I will explore the feasibility of forming a tax-exempt organization to provide a vehicle to make donations tax deductible.
Anthony F. LoFrisco
Wilton, Nov. 4