Letter: To enrollment change deniers

To the Editors:

The sky really isn’t falling and the seas may not be rising. But insofar as climate change in general is concerned, you may be aware that forecasts are based on supercomputing models which in turn are driven by assumptions and histories collected over the recent  past. Against the background of a long sweep of history for our planet (about 4.5 billion years) such a collection of data appears as but a wrinkle in time.

From the view here, the great thermostat that has brought us safely to today is the 70% coverage of the earth by the ocean currents, and their magnificent way of moderating temperature change in both directions. Nonetheless, forecasts and predictions are all attached to future years and decades.

On the other hand, Wilton district student enrollment numbers are actual classroom figures that are declining now each and every year, from factors clearly recognized and expected to persist over the near future. Happening everywhere; indisputable evidence.

The deniers of this inexorable trend are not only damaging the immediate financial health of this community, but are keeping the educators away from collecting the sizable benefits of cost recovery from those positions created and funded while the curve was trending up.
J. R. Brenner
Wilton, April 25