Letter: To Hollywood: Like it or not, Trump is president

To the Editors:
With so many entertainers afraid to perform at President Trump’s inauguration because they fear they will not be able to work again due to the Hollywood bullies, I am reminded of the 50's when Sen. Joe McCarthy caused so many in Hollywood to lose their jobs. It appears that these people forgot how incensed the whole industry was about what was happening, and now they have become the Joe McCarthy of our time, and I think it is horrible.
I am too old to do it myself, but I would love to see a group start a complete boycott of Hollywood and see how they would react when it begins to hit them in the pocketbook. Let us face up to the fact that Trump IS our President and like it or not, we should give him a chance. What he has done so far as President elect has been pretty impressive with quite a few companies canceling plans to move out of the country and bring jobs back to the U.S. While Mr. Trump would not have been my first choice of the person to run the country, he is now our leader so let us respect him as we have the 44 Presidents who came before him.
Bayden 'Bud' Taylor
100 River Road, Jan. 16