Letter: The town should write its own regulations

To the Editors:

As a former member of the Planning & Zoning Commission I know the  difficulty the commissioners face in their effort to address the issue regarding 80-foot stadium lights at all public schools in town.

One issue concerns me deeply. And it is an issue akin to one raised by a member of the public at one of the earlier hearings. He said that he could not understand why the commission relies on the applicant to write the regulation. I am deeply troubled by the reliance placed by some commissioners on the so-called expertise of the sales staff of the vendor slated to install the lights if the amendment is approved. Reliance on the applicant’s attorney for objective legal advice is also troubling.

At the end of the day the citizens of this town rely on the Planning & Zoning Commission to preserve the character of this town, not vocal self-interest groups. The Planning & Zoning Commission must stand between such groups and the integrity of Wilton’s character; if not, Wilton will have seen its best days.

Anthony F. LoFrisco

Cider Mill Place, Nov. 19