Letter: The sky is still falling

To the Editors:

We are being subjected to more droppings from the sky. The latest missive from the Board of Education's chairman promises more doom and gloom for the students if voters don't compel the Board of Finance to miss the objective set for the town's budget. The objective for this year’s budget is to hold spending at the same level as last year to avoid excessive tax increases. The school people seem to be doing more marketing than accounting.

The Board of Selectmen have not only met that objective but exceeded it by budgeting less than last year. Finding a reduction of 1.27% in the BOE's proposed  budget shouldn’t have a tragic impact on an organization that has nearly 600 employees and spends $80,000,000 a year. That figure doesn't even include the debt service on the school's capital expenditures.

Those costs are all included in the selectmen's budget. Apparently, the selectmen were able to exceed their budget objective by using sound financial management techniques. Maybe we shouldn't expect academics to have those same skills.

All these sales pitches from the school board sound amazingly like the sales pitch I heard from the last insurance salesman I talked with. Both promised dire circumstances if not purchased but neither considered the premiums. It's time for the school establishment to filter out the fluff and get realistic about their financial responsibility to our community.
Faye Stilley
Serendipity Lane, March 29