Letter: The sky is falling

To the Editors:

The sky is falling according to Mr. Likly in his recent article. The establishment’s proposed spending plan is being challenged and they don’t like it. The Board of Education is threatening to cut educational programs unless their spending plan is approved as proposed. They want frightened parents to somehow convince the Board of Finance to drop the request for a 1.27% decrease in the new budget. Our Board of Finance is doing a fine job of scrubbing excess and waste from all of the town management’s expense plans.

It seems very odd that the BOE and the superintendent of schools would choose to cut only educational programs instead of cutting other expenses that would not have a direct impact on the children. Over 77% of the school expenses are for salaries and benefits. That is over $61,000,000. There are 594 people on the payroll and only 276 are teachers. There are more staff than teachers. Do we really need all that overhead? There is over $18,000,000 proposed for other expenses. Are they all more necessary than education for the children?

The Board of Education is conducting a meeting at 7:30 p.m. at Middlebrook School on March 28. They want to convince you that they will have to cut curriculums instead of other expenses if they don’t get their increase in expense money. Remember, the accountability for all these tax increases rests with the voters.
Faye L. Stilley
24 Serendipity Lane, March 22