Letter: Thanks for anonymous roadside assistance

To the Editors:
At approximately 3 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 21, I was less than a mile from home, driving south on Mountain Road in Wilton just north of the intersection with Indian Hill Road. The weather had deteriorated quickly, leaving the road snow covered and very slick.
As I attempted to make my way, the hilly terrain combined with the road conditions overwhelmed my front-wheel-drive Lexus ES 350 equipped with vehicle stability and traction control technology. Working to keep to the right side of the road and “walk” the car up the incline, I found myself in the middle of Mountain Road with forward progress all but stopped.
It was at that moment when the first of three Good Samaritans appeared in the rear-view mirror, taking up a position behind my car, pushing the car inch by inch ahead. Quickly a second and then a third fellow stopped their vehicles to take a position behind my car, pushing as best they could, almost willing my car forward.
In the end, a K turn using a convenient driveway and heading back to Route 7 was the only option. Focused on the task at hand, I never had a safe chance to say thank you to these three strangers.
I made my way to the parking lot at Caraluzzi’s Market on Route 7 in Georgetown, took a deep breath, called my wife to advise I was safe and what my plan to get home was.  In time, I got home safely.
Everyone’s hometown is filled with surprises. Wilton isn’t perfect, but it’s been a good place to call home for almost 20 years.
On Saturday, Feb. 21st I was and will forever be, very grateful for the selfless help of neighbors unknown. Thank you!
Michael Salit
Bristol Place, Feb. 24