Letter: Thank you for buying Kiwanis pumpkins

To the Editors:

The Kiwanis Club of Wilton wants to extend a big thanks to all the people who helped make our third annual pumpkin sale such a huge success! We actually sold out the inventory by Halloween in spite of a few very rainy days that shut down business. This year we purchased our inventory from a local grower who delivered our supplies several times during the selling period, so that the pumpkins were always really fresh and arrived with the stems intact, making them more attractive to the buyers. As always, the monies we received from the endeavor will go to one or more of the many charities Kiwanis supports, a choice which will be determined by our contributions committee in the near future.

Seeing the families come with the the little ones made the time spent selling our product a fun time, and watching the littlest kid try to pick up the largest pumpkin gave us a good laugh every time, so we are looking forward to next year when things will be even better, and we hope all the families and individuals who helped us this year will be back again next year.
Bayden "Bud" Taylor
Kiwanis Club of Wilton
Wilton, Nov. 11