Letter: Thank you Wilton school bus drivers

To the Editors:
Number signs will be out this week alongside Wolfpit Road for our final countdown to the last day of school. As neighbors to Miller-Driscoll, our countdown tradition was started to celebrate the end of the school year with the many bus drivers passing our house while, at the same time, entertaining our toddler son who would patiently wait for the bus bringing home his two older sisters.
That same son will be graduating from Wilton High School with the Class of 2019. All three of our children started kindergarten in Driscoll, moving up through the Wilton schools (some years on three different school bus routes) with too many bus rides to count but giving us ample opportunity to see first-hand that our school bus drivers deserve hero status. Driving a bus does not look easy (anyone who has been on a bus as a field trip chaperone will probably agree!) and our school bus drivers not only drive safely but do so navigating narrow turns, steep hills including Wolfpit Road, and Connecticut winters.
On the last day of school this year we’ll give all the bus drivers a final wave from the end of our driveway as a thank you for a job well done and a wish for a happy summer!
The Stewart Family
Wilton, June 4