Letter: Support for ‘murderous’ practice must end

To the Editors:
I have just sent the following letter, and its attachments, to the congressional representative for this district:
“Dear Representative Himes:
As your website loudly proclaims, you are ‘fiercely supportive’ of the agenda of that murderous enterprise called ‘Planned Parenthood,’ the nation’s largest and most notorious butcher of pre-born children. In particular you have vigorously promoted public funding of ‘Planned Parenthood’ while it traffics in the body parts of defenseless children.
Now you are conspicuously silent about this newly revealed barbarity. But your constituents are not! See the attached copies of a petition to you signed by numerous voters in your district, demanding your every effort to terminate any and all funding of Planned Parenthood.
I look forward to your response, and will communicate it to each of the petition’s signatories.
Respectfully submitted,”
The petition itself reads as follows:
“To the Honorable Jim Himes:
We, your constituents, are outraged by the vile practices of the organization calling itself ‘Planned Parenthood,’ and deeply distressed that our tax dollars are being poured into its treasury by the Government of the United States to enable such practices.
By now you have, no doubt, heard and seen the shocking videos revealing how the minions of Planned Parenthood peddle the body parts of pre-born children killed on their premises, haggling with potential buyers over their prices. Certainly, you know very well how these heartless ghouls calmly discuss where to ‘crush’ the bodies of their tiny victims in order to preserve particular ones of their organs intact in order to fetch the highest prices for them.
We recall your enthusiastic support for Planned Parenthood in the past, and your vigorous efforts to shovel public funds into their bloody hands. Nevertheless, we are still hopeful you can understand that your prior efforts to promote the agenda of this gruesome entity is morally abhorrent, and should stop immediately. Moreover, particularly because of your prior support, it is your obligation to do all in your power to terminate any and all public funding for the abomination that calls itself ‘Planned Parenthood.’”
It should be remembered that, not only Mr. Himes, but also the Republican candidates who opposed him over the years, have expressed support for public funding of Planned Parenthood. In my numerous conversations with district voters about this issue, most have told me they have withheld their support from the candidates of both parties as a consequence, and will do so in the future for any candidate taking the same position.
Eugene L. Flanagan
Juniper Place, Aug. 24