To the Editors:
(The following letter was sent to the Planning and Zoning Commission and is reprinted here at the author’s request.)
Twenty years ago this spring, the voters of Wilton overwhelmingly supported the purchase of Ambler Farm and four other open-space properties. Ambler was unique in that it held two antique houses, two antique barns, and a number of other interesting farm buildings. It was also unique in that it came with a number of conditions specified by the trustees of the Ambler family, which have required the town to invest significant funds in rehabilitation and upkeep.
Despite my objections at the time, P&Z placed significant restrictions on public usage of this publicly owned property. These restrictions have hampered the ability of the Friends of Ambler Farm to raise money for upkeep and completion of the building restorations.
I strongly support the proposed changes which will relax the restrictions and allow more public events to be held at the farm. This is a wonderful town-owned asset, managed by a hard-working FOAF volunteer board. They need our support.
Bob Russell
Former First Selectman
Wilton, April 12