Letter: Summer doldrums a dangerous time

To the Editors:
Last week’s editorial laments the absence of “letters to the editor” during the summer months. Indeed, we read there were “no” letters last week.
The editor attributes this primarily to school vacations with many families taking off for lakes and beaches during August.
But then again, this is not new. Every year residents pack up for adventure during the summer and cannot keep up with local news.
It was not surprising then that the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee et al took advantage of the summer doldrums last year when it covertly arranged the STM [Special Town Meeting] and vote.
A newspaper article from last summer’s Bulletin (July 25, 2014) reads:
“The estimated cost to renovate the Miller-Driscoll School rose $5 million since the first estimate was presented to the Board of Selectmen in February (2014). The project timeline was shortened by nine months, as well.
“Turner Construction, the project’s management company, now expects the renovation to cost approximately $43.8 million, up from $38.8 million earlier this year.”
Only a few weeks later, the bonding proposal was pushed up to $50 million. With absolutely no explanation.
Sleight of hand, a fast one, “we’re smarter than the electorate,” same old obfuscators’ pattern, in the dark of night — all come to mind on what is the “largest bonding event in town history.”
I’ll have more to say on this in the coming weeks.
Ed Papp
28 Walnut Place, Aug. 24