Letter: Students should be encouraged to study Latin

To the Editors:

This is in response to two letters to the editors in the Feb. 27 issue. I agree totally with Susanna Guffey and Sarah Gustafson in their defense of Latin in our schools.

Way back in 1960 I was a freshman at a Catholic girls’ academy in Newport, R.I., which required its students to take four years of Latin. So I took Latin I. Then we moved to Virginia, where I went to another Catholic girls’ academy. Those in charge suggested I take Latin II instead of French II (I had taken French I in eighth grade).

My study of Latin gave me the kind of foundation a student needs to do well on the verbal SATs. I scored quite high thanks to what Latin taught me. I tried to get my kids to take Latin, but they wouldn’t. I think Latin should be highly recommended in our high school.

Catherine Samose

Station Road, March 3