Letter: Students did a great job with Cinderella

To the Editors:

(The following letter to Wilton High School teacher Heather DeLude is printed here at the author’s request.)

A friend and I attended Cinderella this past Sunday and were delighted and impressed by the outstanding production.

At the Village Market yesterday, we were discussing this with some young Wilton High School employees and they suggested I write you as the English teacher and enthusiast to pass along my compliments to the cast and company of Cinderella!

Please relate how much we loved the play, the singing, acting and genuine spirit these young people presented to us in the audience. It brought us great good cheer and had us humming the Rodgers and Hammerstein tunes all week long. Hats off to you and the students of WHS.
Ann McDonald
Wilton resident since 1971
Former teacher at OLF
Wilton, May 25