Letter: Student concert performers were outstanding

To the Editors:

(The following letter to Susan Kelly, Janet Nobles, Elizabeth Williams, and the Middlebrook Student Performers for the Benefit Concert is printed here at the author’s request.)

I write on behalf of the 40-member Steering Committee that is the governing board of Wi-ACT to express our deep appreciation for all that you did to present on Saturday evening such a remarkable Benefit Concert to support Wi-ACT’s Stop Hunger Now meal-packaging work.

As you could tell from the enthusiastic response to your individual performances and then from the long standing ovation for you all at the end, your concert was an amazing experience for us all! It is no surprise to us in the Wilton community to see our students at Middlebrook (and our other schools) doing well in whatever they undertake, but your performances exceeded even those high expectations. In everything from dance to instrumental performances to solo and group singing, you rocked!

Your donation of your services in this way is an enormous contribution to Wi-ACT’s work in meal packaging. To do 167,000 meals again this October, we need to raise over $48,000. The gate receipts from this concert help towards that goal (and as shared with our schools, also help to seed meal-packaging work of your own), and the concert also works in conjunction with our approaches to corporate donors to give a specific date for their donation to be made to be listed, as you probably saw, in the concert program.

The result each fall is the packaging of another 167,000 meals to feed 450 of the poorest children in the world for an entire year in educational settings in which they are nourished in mind as well as in body. So, you did an enormous amount even as you brought great pleasure to all of us in seeing your performances, and we hope (and expect, from the joy we saw on your faces as you were performing) that you had a really good time yourselves!
Stephen Hudspeth
Chair, Wi-ACT
Wilton, June 18