Letter: Story raises awareness of deadly disease

To the Editors:

I wanted to write to thank you, The Wilton Bulletin, and reporter Kendra Baker for the awesome article on Lung Cancer Day in Connecticut. This is the second year that Rep. Kim Rose has worked with Gov. Malloy declaring Aug. 1 Lung Cancer Day, and we are so happy that The Wilton Bulletin help raised awareness this way.

Since lung cancer kills more women and men than any other cancer, the American Lung Association feels it is time to raise awareness and increase research of this deadly disease. Kendra did a great job on the story. The chair-elect of our board of directors, Jon Rosen, lives in Wilton and was very proud that his hometown paper supported the cause. Thank you again for your support!

Jeff Seyler, CEO

American Lung Association of the Northeast

New York, N.Y., Aug. 1