Letter: Stop rushing the election season

To the Editors:

Unfortunately, I guess it was bound to happen. Over the years we have seen large and small retail companies “rush the season” by promoting an upcoming holiday. Shortly after schools close we begin to see the “back to school” and Labor Day sales promotions. By mid-summer we start to see the Halloween promotions and by early October, the retail companies are pushing the Christmas season!

Sadly, our local politicians and their supporters have adopted this same strategy to promote themselves with yard signs in anticipation of an election that is still four months away! Summer is a particularly peaceful time in Wilton and everything is in full bloom and very well maintained to be enjoyed by everyone. I wish our local representatives and their supporters would feel the same and refrain from despoiling the overall ambiance of the town during this wonderful time of year.

Please reconsider this misguided effort and get back to us in late-September with your self-promotion.
Franey M. Donovan Jr.
Wilton, July 17