Letter: Stepping up as selectman, down as party chair

To the Editors:

This is a letter of gratitude. I am grateful to the voters of Wilton for electing me to the Board of Selectmen and honored to have received the most votes for that office. I pledge to work with my fellow board members on the needs of Wilton and do all I can to represent our community.

I acknowledge my opponents on the ballot, Lori Bufano, Josh Cole and Al Alper and appreciate the respectful tenor of each of their campaigns as well as their willingness to serve Wilton.

Thanks to the countless volunteers who worked hard on the strongest race the Wilton Democratic Town Committee (DTC) has ever run. Your efforts have reaped the most historic win the DTC has ever known, not only electing all Democrats on the ballot but also most with the highest votes in their respective races.

I am proud of our slate of Democratic candidates and am grateful for their willingness to step up to serve Wilton. Your commitment to dedicate countless volunteer hours, for a sometimes thankless job, reflects love for our community — your friends and neighbors.

The DTC bylaws mandate I step down as chair of the DTC, which will occur at the Nov. 14, DTC meeting. It has been my great pleasure to lead the Democrats of Wilton. This is my first term as chair, but I have been an officer of the DTC for 16 years under the previous five chairs. I appreciate the opportunities I have had in the DTC and the members I have worked with in our many initiatives over the years.

This is a bittersweet transition for me, as I have enjoyed my service as the chair of the DTC. However, I am excited about my new role and looking forward to focusing my energy on serving all of Wilton. With humility, I offer my thanks to the voters, my opponents, volunteers, Democratic candidates, and the DTC.
Deborah McFadden
Wilton, Nov. 14