Letter: State sidewalk grant can be better spent

To the Editors:

I’m disappointed to read about how the town of Wilton intends to use the more than $400,000 in grant money it is receiving from the state to “improve sidewalk access.” I am referring to information provided in this past week’s Wilton Bulletin article. As of now, this decent sum of money is going to be wasted, in my opinion. The sidewalks we currently have going through the Center and along Route 7 are practically brand new and in great shape. I run them all the time during my workouts. I see no reason to spend more money on them.

So, then, why are we using this money for laying brick to make these sidewalks “look prettier”? As has been raised many times by residents who live just outside the Center, the town and state have been asked repeatedly for better access to the center of town via more sidewalks. Oddly, and so far inexplicably, the sidewalks that were installed simply end at both ends of Horseshoe Lane. Why is that? Why aren’t we using this money to complete a sidewalk loop that offers better — and safer — access to the Center? Adding brick borders to what already exists is not going to result in bringing more business to the Center. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say “Wow! Did you see the nicer looking sidewalk downtown? They added bricks! I’m definitely shopping there now!”

Please seriously reconsider how the town intends to use this unexpected gift to make a real contribution to the town, instead of reminding taxpayers how government can so easily waste money.

Devin Comiskey

122 Wolfpit Road, Sept. 22