Letter: St. Baldrick’s raises more than $26,000

To the Editors:

On behalf of the students and faculty of Wilton High School who hosted the annual St. Baldrick’s event to shave our hair to raise funds towards pediatric cancer research on March 16, 2017, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to all the local organizations and people who volunteered their time and donations for our mission.

As an organization, we are very grateful to the barbers/hair stylists who donated their time and truly made this event possible. We would not have been able to host the fundraiser without the participation of Agron’s Barbershop of Wilton and their stylists Agron Komoni and Dawn Pazar. Refreshments were generously provided by Wilton Pizza, Planet Pizza of Norwalk and Village Market of Wilton.

We were also fortunate to work with a wide array of creative individuals who generously enhanced the evening with their talents. The night would not have been nearly as fun without the musical entertainment provided by Cameron Berg, Ethan Reichgut, Kyle Saxon, Maxton Santos, and Connor Adams. In addition, Corey Sabia donated his time to take pictures of the sheer enjoyment displayed throughout the evening, including the shavees as their heads were shaved.

At the school, we have staff involved that annually helps to make this event a reality. Without the support of the Wilton High School Custodial Staff and the medical support provided by Karen Boehme we would not be able to host this event. As such, we thank them for assisting in ensuring our safety and cleanliness of the environment.

We would also like to give our sincerest gratitude to Dana and Michael Mccreesh for their annual donation of hats for our shavees. Their continued support of the St. Baldrick’s community in Wilton has made a tremendous impact year in and year out.

The event was a major success and while the final dollar tally is not counted and donations can still be made, this group of 50 WHS students, faculty members, and parents has raised more than $26,000 and sincerely appreciates all the help and support involved.
Johnny Maggio, Kyle Shifrin, Sam Muirhead, Ian Filaski, Jack Gioffre, Owen McKessy, Patrick Verrilli, and Sean Purvis
St. Baldrick’s Student Board of Wilton High School
Wilton, May 18