Letter: Speaking out for senior citizens in school debate

To the Editors:

That the proposed $50-million Miller-Driscoll building proposal will be approved with flying colors is a foregone conclusion. After all, anything relative to the schools and school children in Wilton is sacrosanct. In fact, entitled school interests in Wilton hold such an advantage in numbers that a win for their side is almost assured, even when only the usual 12-15% of eligible voters bother to show up.

Informed citizens should be questioning the need to shell out for a “refurbishment” of the school when, according to the state Department of Education, a new, modern facility could be built for less. In fact, why “refurbish” at such high cost at all when the roof will still leak, ventilation systems will remain subpar and mold remediation will be on hold.

Curiously, the Miller-Driscoll building committee is proud to announce that your tax dollars will “extend the useful life of the school for another 25 years”… and what happens then? Another committee and another huge property tax increase for short-term improvement. Not good facilities management or financial stewardship by town “leaders.”

It should be noted the expected property tax increase for this project would fall disproportionately on Wilton’s retired long-term citizens. Fixed incomes and Social Security cannot continue to absorb unbridled spending indefinitely. While others will hardly notice the increase tacked onto jumbo mortgages, senior citizens will once again face quality-of-life issues leading to a probable move out of town. This should be factored in by all sensible voters.

Michael Graupner

Signal Hill Road, Sept. 9