Letter: Solar dreams

To the Editors:

We had solar panels installed on our house 35-plus years ago, before it was cool to be green.

They are not there anymore. Back then (when you had to pay for them — no government subsidies) they were a scam, as I think they are now.

Then, those pushing (selling) them neglected to tell you that: (a) you needed to keep them clean, by washing them every week or so, which meant climbing onto the roof of the house with a bucket of soapy water and a hose; (b) trees continue to grow — what lies in the sun today is likely to be in the shade after a few tomorrows; and (c) the life of your roof, where the panels are located, will give out long before the other parts.

Also, this is, in my opinion, all part of the great-green-con, like home-heating oil's being made up, in part, from soy, which produces fewer BTUs (less heat) per gallon of fuel, and gasoline's being made up, in part, from corn oil, in a less-efficient mix that will some day ruin your engine (ask the owner of a newer Corvette, and find that its owner, per the car's instruction manual, either seeks out non-green fuel or uses a fuel additive to counteract the "green effects" on the car's engine).

Having fallen for incorrect future-student estimates, and now building more than we need by way of the Miller-Driscoll School, I think Wilton may have gotten a reputation as a “pineapple, a/k/a a sucker.”

Hey, Mr. Music Man, come to Wilton, we need trombones.

Tom Skidd
Wilton, Dec. 30