Letter: Slow down to avoid costly mistakes

To the Editors:

I have lived in Wilton for 25 years. I am well aware that Miller-Driscoll needs a renovation, however I have many concerns regarding the project. After listening to the video recording of the special Board of Selectman meeting held on Nov. 5, the following are just a few of the reasons I am appalled:

Why the rush to sign these 13 contracts?

Turner: Need them signed so we can start abatement work during Thanksgiving break — if we don’t start then, Wilton will incur large costs due to delay.

Truth: Turner has no plans for abatement during that school break. Pointed out by a resident who took the time to read Turner’s documents. Why didn’t Brennan, Dubow,     McFadden or the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee know this — or did they?

Dubow: We do it this way because this is how it has always been done...

I have always felt this is such a dangerous phrase and used so often. Past success is no guarantee of future success.

Truth: We used Turner for the Middlebrook new wing. The 2003 OSHA report regarding problems with that new addition stated “a serious hazard” (mold, water intrusion, pipes not wrapped, etc). Why are we using Turner again, and again?

Resident: What will you do if the state doesn’t approve the abatement in time for you to start that work?

Ty Tregallis of Turner: “I haven’t thought it out to that extent.” And this is who is in charge of the $50M project.

I urge the Board of Selectmen and the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee to slow down and do not let themselves be bullied by Turner. If full contracts cannot be reviewed first, do not sign. In this type of contractual agreement, the town will be liable for the tradesmens’ performance (Turner does not have liability!). Let’s not make the same mistakes as Middlebrook (“doing it the way it has always been done”) and end up with an OSHA report documenting more “serious hazards” after project completion.
Kim Becker
Timber Top Trail, Nov. 9