Letter: Shame on Wilton voters

To the Editors:
Another year and again like so many localities, Wilton has seen a dismal voter turnout for the budget referendum. Claims have been voiced that every effort had been made to get the vote out, and while a subjective statement, it's hard for the majority of voters to truthfully say they had no idea of when or where to vote.
The pattern of voter laziness, apathy and perhaps an attitude that others will cover me with their vote is painful to observe. Throughout our country's history, so many millions have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy the right to vote and live in a democratic society.
Shame on you, the registered voters of Wilton, is the presidential election really the only time you believe it necessary to step into a polling place and cast your ballot? Aren't the needs of our local community as important? Aren't the items that directly impact your life and the lives of your family on a day-to-day basis at least equally pressing to who warms the chair in the oval office?
It is simply wrong for anyone to interpret a referendum passed by default as a voter affirmation. I believe the 15% rule in Wilton whereby if a minimum of 15% of the eligible voters don't vote the referendum automatically passes needs to be abolished. Our first selectman, Bill Brennan, speaking of the recent vote in Weston where only 4% of the voters cast ballots and so 47 votes defeated the budget suggested this is an argument to retain the 15% minimum requirement. He was quoted in the Wilton Bulletin, “Forty-seven people basically kidnapped the budget”.  Thank you Mr. Brennan for a classic dramatic political statement.
It's high time for town residents to recognize their participation is important, dare I say critical. Mr. Brennan, for my money, and I've been paying taxes here for almost 20 years, if you don't step up and vote even fewer than the 47 voters that turned out in Weston defeating the budget should reign.
My fellow citizens, the loudest voice you have is your vote. Speak up, there are consequences if you don't.
Michael Salit
26 Bristol Place