Letter: Seniors enjoyed a class act in 'Oklahoma!'

To the Editors:

What a magnificent treat was the high school production of Oklahoma! this weekend. Many members of Stay at Home in Wilton were pleased to be the guests of the senior center for this great show.

The quality of the cast was seen and heard at every turn. From the great pit orchestra to the many individual singers, particularly Griffin King and Gabby Pucci, to the entire cast, it was a fine testament to the musical program in all the Wilton schools that nurtured this great fount of talent.

What a pleasure to sit back and really enjoy the show without having to worry about missed notes, garbled lines, or anything out of tune. It starts with training in the early grades to generate this kind of skill when reaching high school. Thanks go to all the cast, the orchestra, and all the behind-the-scenes workers. It was a fantastic event.

Phil Richards,


Stay at Home in Wilton

Wilton, May 19