Letter: Senior picnic coverage is appreciated

To the Editors:
The folks at Stay at Home in Wilton greatly appreciate your coverage of our member picnic. One of our key objectives is to have a series of social outlets for our members, and your pictures certainly characterized that. The accompanying write-up did a fine job of telling our whole story.
We would like to thank all who came and brought delicious salads and desserts. We also want to thank Wilton’s Parks and Recreation Department for providing the facility at Merwin Meadows.
We want to particularly thank those most responsible for the picnic’s success: our president, Barbara Quincy; our executive coordinator, Janet Johnson; and our membership consultant, Debbie McClelland. The latter was also responsible for many of the pictures. More of her work may be viewed on the Recent Pictures page of our web site: stayathomeinwilton.org.
Phil Richards
Board Chairman
Stay at Home in Wilton
Wilton, July 31