Letter: Selectmen’s reaction to lawsuit is inappropriate

To the Editors:
At the Board of Selectmen meeting this past Monday, it appears that “sweeping things under the rug” with the Board of Education continues unabated in town. Alex Ruskewich noted to Ms. Vanderslice that a second civil lawsuit has come about due to the recklessness of the Board of Education (BOE) in not following up properly with the Department of Children and Families and the local police when this first came about and its potential repercussions to the town’s taxpayers if insurance does not cover the settlement, let alone the emotional distress for these two families andpossibly others.
The response should have been that we have taken steps (albeit two years later due to public discontent, see Bulletin June 30, 2016) and will take every measure possible to prevent this from happening again. The defensive response however was quite flippant. “These are civil lawsuits,” “Wilton Police Department never opened up a case file,” “If you feel your rights have been violated, you should see a lawyer,” “Here’s my card,” (followed with laughter).
Von Kohorn worked for the Wilton school system for seven years. In reviewing surrounding BOE town civil dockets, there are no sexual predator case(s) equivalent over the years. Many parents were concerned why it took two years after the first incident for the BOE to implement a new non-fraternization policy.
It appears the Board of Selectmen is not concerned with the reckless actions of the BOE when it comes to children welfare. The selectmen are more concerned with signing off on $40,000,000 of contracts on a preschool renovation — the same place where these alleged instances took place.
Kevin Hickey
Black Alder Lane, Dec. 5