Letter: Selectmen need to approve bids

To the Editors:

(This letter, to the Board of Selectmen (current and future) is reprinted here at the author’s request.)

The most recent editions of our local papers (Bulletin and Villager) did a good job of bringing us up to date on the Miller-Driscoll renovation project. Bulletin news story:  “Project stands $5 million under budget.” Villager news story: “Miller-Driscoll meeting yields contract powers.” Bulletin editorial: “Good project news.” Bulletin Guest Commentary from former First Selectman Paul Hannah: “What has Wilton come to?”

To quote current First Selectman Bill Brennan from Villager news story: “We have favorable bids, with potential savings. I don’t want to screw it up with delays.”

To quote the final paragraph of Paul Hannah’s guest commentary: “Sixty percent of the board did the right thing Thursday night. It is my fervent hope that they will be joined by the other 40% at their Nov. 16 meeting to authorize the remaining 16 contracts needed to move ahead. Otherwise, the project will go into deep freeze and the school will remain leaky, drafty and noisy”.

Enough said – just do it!
Frank Simone
Charter Oak Drive, Nov. 15