Letter: School musical offerings are ‘outstanding’

To the Editor:

I had the great pleasure of attending a delightful concert at the Library Thursday night by three recent high school graduates. It featured selections from the Great American Songbook, so it was well-attended by those brought up during that era including several other members of Stay at Home in Wilton.

The three performers were singers Caitlin Witty and Ben Senneff, with piano by Will Comer. It struck me that these three were all motivated to pursue musical careers by the outstanding musical offerings of the Wilton school system.

On the same page in the paper announcing this concert were the list of retiring teachers this year, including Betsey deGroff as choral director, which reminded me of last year's retirement of Chip Gaule as band director, both of whom encouraged these talented students to pursue their musical dreams. But the entire focus on the musical arts through all grades of the schools has built up to the resultant quality performers we heard last night.
Phil Richards
Aug. 4