Letter: Scenic or arterial?

To the Editors:
What was the reason that Ridgefield Road was selected for high-density, age-restricted housing? According to the Planning and Zoning Commission it was because Ridgefield road is an “arterial road.”
Well, I’d be willing to bet that instead of it being called an arterial road most of us in town instead consider Ridgefield Road to be a pleasant “scenic” country road. In support of that quaint notion one need look no further than Wikipedia’s definition: An arterial road or arterial thoroughfare is a high-capacity urban road. The primary function of an arterial road is to deliver traffic from collector roads to freeways or expressways, and between urban centres at the highest level of service possible. As such, many arteries are limited-access roads, or feature restrictions on private access.” And, using “arterial” in a sentence, Merriam Webster cites “one of the main arterials connecting the airport with the …”
Bottom line, the point is that the age-restricted overlay district (AROD) is not appropriate for Ridgefield Road. Rather, such high-density housing is far better suited for our town center, where it would add significantly greater value to the town. That said, let us hope the Planning and Zoning Commission does what is “best for the town” at its next public meeting on AROD to be held on June 12, 7:15 p.m., in the Wilton Library Brubeck Room.
Tom Curtin
Tamarack Place, June 6