Letter: Santa is coming to town

To the Editors:

Last week the Board of Selectmen voted 3 to 2 to charge ahead with signing contracts for the Miller-Driscoll project even though the new BOS would not have a chance to thoroughly evaluate the most expensive construction project in Wilton’s history.

The construction manager stated we needed to sign now because he has found a special group of workers. He presented a schedule where they would even work starting Christmas Eve, to do the asbestos abatement. I have it from a reputable source that he has arranged to have Santa and his elves perform the work. What could be better? They are used to working in winter, snow does not bother them, they do not have to go home to their families, they don’t ask for overtime, and they have a sleigh with reindeer ready if we have a snowstorm.

Since this activity is crucial for a healthy school, I encourage all Wilton citizens to write the Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance, and Board of Education expressing their concerns of trying to rush it through.
Alex Ruskewich
Calvin Road, Nov. 9