Letter: STOP means stop

To the Editors:
I am writing in the hope of helping the community that we share be a better place. This is what is called a STOP sign.
You know this to a STOP sign because the word STOP is written on it in big, bold letters. This is not a Slow Down sign or a Stop Sometimes sign. It actually means stop every time.
A man named William Phelps Eno invented a white sign with black letters in Detroit, Mich., in 1922. Since then it has gone through the change to red and white because of the seriousness of the request.
While I know we are all busy and sometimes don’t have time to stop for anything, please keep one thing in mind. When a school bus stops and puts the sign out to STOP in your neighborhood, you stop every time. Why? Because there are children involved and we protect our children, no matter what.
Next time you decide to actually stop instead of rolling through a stop sign, just remember, besides being against the law to run a STOP sign, you are actually protecting your children, yourself and the entire town from you.
Nicholas A. Blain
Mountain Road, May 8