Letter: Responding with strength and resilience

To the Editors:

The encouraging reports from the Thai cave rescue effort this past weekend surely qualify for the often scarce and seriously missing category of “good news.” We welcome this story and the accompanying pictures from halfway around the world that demonstrate the sometimes devastating effects of weather events and unexpected circumstances for the unprepared. And then what can happen when a range of resources can be deployed to find the best solution with skilled volunteers assisting professional teams.

The uplifting and dramatic rescue touched the hearts of all who followed the events as they unfolded. It especially moved the spelunkers, the casual outdoor explorers, and every sympathetic claustrophobic. The orchestration was well performed. The courage required to meet the range of challenges rarely encountered.

Here at home we are reminded that our own community, while experiencing nothing quite like 13 lives at stake through flooded conditions, has employed several of the attributes the rescuers displayed. From blizzards of the past, Hurricane Sandy, the three back-to-back nor’easters of early 2018, and so many power failures and blocked roadways in between, our police and fire departments, volunteer emergency teams, Department of Public Works, and assets both outsourced and obtained from neighboring communities, all rose to the occasion.

So the very good news from Thailand reinforces our good fortune to live in a community where training, communication, resourcefulness, and commitment combine to protect, preserve, and repair. That’s the definition of a truly strong and resilient place. We meet that definition. We can exceed it as well in other areas. As Wilton strives to become increasingly “special” and remarkably “spirited.”
Joseph R. Brenner, for TASC
Toward A Stronger Community
Wilton, July 9