Letter: Residents, not commission, should vote on zoning amendments

To the Editors:
A project this large, multiple housing, at 183 on Ridgefield Road is not the way to obtain more taxes for our town. Wilton had a Town Plan of Development that it put aside when it sought a place for multiple housing. Our scenic road — Ridgefield Road — has no such development ever on this road.
Danbury Road has many similar projects. Here there are many amenities for such development. Even Westport Road has its challenges.
There would have been less contention had Planning & Zoning been more transparent about their goals. It is clear that they were against our group of citizens that came forth to make their complaints. Threatening to call "Officer Joe" for our clapping when our members spoke is hardly an adult approach to a very serious matter. P&Z members are not the only ones putting in many hours on this problem. The total environment of Ridgefield Road is under attack — environment, water, sewers, construction and traffic.
We need to have the amendment to preserve Wilton’s environment passed by vote, not just your committee! Please return to two-acre housing as originally part of P&Z responsibility.
I would like to cite the problem of traffic. My home is on the corner of Millstone & Nod Hill Roads. Millstone Road is a direct conduit to Route 7 (Danbury Road).
From my corner there are three roads that lead to Route 7 — Indian Hill, Branch Brook, and Olmstead Roads and even Nod Hill Road. The town works hard to maintain these roads. The traffic is ever increasing. Heavy trucks, moving vans, swimming pool water tankers and sneaky trucks that are looking for shortcuts.
Recently at about 3 a.m. in the morning there was a car trailer with six to eight cars on board. Many of these vehicles are not going to this area but looking for shortcuts!
P&Z, beef up the town center and shopping areas to compete with New Canaan, Ridgefield and other surrounding towns. Please support the amendment to preserve Wilton's environment!
Ann S. Klotz
Millstone Road, May 15