To the Editors:

Regarding a roundabout for the Belden Hill and Wolfpit Road intersection — while we're looking back to the 1930s and 40s for solutions for our traffic issues, why not just go back to the old-fashioned idea of using a police officer to direct traffic? He could let 10 or 20 cars go through at a time rather than the silly one-at-a-time system we are now using. The $2.5 million proposed cost for the roundabout could instead support maybe 30,000 man-hours for the officer. At four hours per day that would cover almost 40 years. No taking people's property, no construction. It could start tomorrow.

An active police officer would do more to avoid accidents than a roundabout would do, while vastly improving traffic flow.

I found a 2012 Connecticut Department of Transportation proposal for a roundabout in Salem.  To quote " is important to understand that congestion relief is not the primary goal of this project. ... during rush hour and busy weekends traffic patterns, the intersection will still experience congestion."
Art Linden
Teapot Hill Road, April 9